JUNE 2009 - 58 PHOTOS



So this time no historic information [there was almost no information to trace], but just a story of the exploration itself.

Thought through google earth i had find the location for this really ancient place. Finding my way through the bush, suddenly the buildings or what i was looking for seemed to showed up. I thought great, but then two dogs looked curiously to me. Luckily they didn't bark and they where chained up. But then this place is not abandoned and looking through the windows for sure it's not the place from what i've seen on the web and was hoping for. So the textile factory could be anywhere in this area. Damn!

So i went up to the city in the hope to get a glimpse of the abandoned textile factory. Suddenly i see two guarda civil walking by, so why not simply ask. They send me to the next corner where the [small] police station is located. I friendly asked of they possibly know where this place could be, luckily one of them spoke a little English and tried to help me. To make it a little shorter the police man told me to ask permission to the major of the town, but it was sunday and asking permission is something i don't do!

So i asked if it was possible to draw on the map where the location of this magnificent factory could possibly be and he did, from the police station to the location, which was located into the town itself next to a small river. Telling me that permission still have to be ask from the major, hell no. Besides that it was early, sunday and already hot. The entrance was difficult but more then worth it. The place has as a very ancient, pure & peaceful atmosphere. And having the fibers still stuck in the machine, all sorts of old documents spread around the office, the rusty machinery and old wooden working tables was incredible. Beside all the history there was totally no appearance of graffiti and trashing, so it made me realize that this is my favorite exploration so far.

A experience i will never forget! So many thanks to the police for giving me the opportunity to explore this old and ancient textile factory.